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Our Mission

To provide comprehensive therapeutic services to children, adolescents, families, or adults through the use of confidential therapy in an office or in-home setting, in order to better the lives of an individual or family's well being.

Helping Your Family

Family therapy can promote healthier communication among its participants, strengthen relationships, and help resolve conflicts that have not been able to be resolved otherwise. Working with a family as one system has been proven to be more effective and can promote the quickest change.

Family dysfunction occurs not due to the actions, decisions, or behaviors of one single individual, but all individuals within the family. Therefore, the quickest and most effective method to promote change is to treat all members of the family. Change can happen, if each member of your family is willing to do their part to help make that change occur. A family, like an engine, relies on each individual part to function properly in order for it to run well. If all family members are not willing to do their part, change can be difficult, and progress can be slow. However, if all family members are willing to change and do their part, it can be life altering for the family.

Helping the Individual

Facilitating change and improving quality of life of an individual can help confront barriers that interfere with emotional and mental well-being, and it can also increase positive feelings such as compassion, self esteem, love, courage, and peace. An individual, dedicated to self-growth and determined to become more self-aware, can improve all aspects of their life. Whether its a desire to become a better parent, spouse, friend, son/daughter, or coworker, individual therapy can be impactful on all levels. Increasing self-esteem, inner strength, or coping mechanisms can be life changing.

Helping Your Child or Adolescent

Children and adolescents have healthy and unhealthy coping skills, communication styles, and internal decision making abilities that could be learned or inherited. When sad, a healthy child has age appropriate coping skills that he or she will use as a defense against feeling sad. When a healthy adolescent is confronted with making a positive decision, he or she has the cognitive ability to problem solve and make the right choice. When children or adolescents lack the proper coping skills or decision making abilities, it can cause depressive thoughts, anger, detachment from family, poor decision making, and substance abuse, which could worsen in time without therapy.

Therapy, whether it is family or individual, can strengthen relationships, increase coping skills, and improve decision making and communication styles. Most importantly, you will be able to give help to your child who is in pain. You will also be participating in a process that does not put you in the role as the authoritative parent, but an advocate and an ally for who should be the most important person in your life... your child.

Improving Your Parenting Style/Strategy

Parenting a child today is the most difficult and most rewarding job you will ever face. No matter the age of your child, knowing the parenting approach that DOESN'T work for your child is just as important as learning the proper parenting approach that DOES works best. Parenting is more than black and white. It is a spectrum. Being too authoritative or too lenient is not usually effective parenting. A lenient parent without rules or expectations may feel walked on and not respected. While too harsh of a parent can pressure kids to follow the rules, it may be costly with regards to forming a strong nurturing bond later in life. Using therapy to learn and practice effective parenting skills can help parents find a healthy medium that emphasizes structure and discipline, as well as nurturing love and affection...all of which a child or adolescent needs and craves.

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